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Chromosome 15 Disorders

C-15 Foundation’s mission is to provide a meaningful
and purpose-driven life to
individuals diagnosed with life-altering disorders of Chromosome 15.

Many of these diagnoses prevent a child or adult from leading an independent and
fulfilling life, relying upon the help of others.

C-15 Foundation was established to offer an alternative to these families, and for the ultimate betterment of people impacted by Chromosome 15 irregularities.

Prader Willi syndrome

Angelman syndrome

Ring 15 syndrome



Trisomy 15 syndrome

Ring 15 Chromosome syndrome


Isodicentric chromosome 15

Bloom syndrome

Breast cancer

Isovaleric acidemia

Loeys-Dietz, type 3

Marfan syndrome

Nonsyndromic deafness

Schaaf-Yang syndrome

Tay-Sachs disease


Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst syndrome

The world can be a better place for people with PWS.
C-15 Foundation will make that vision become a reality.

About C-15 Foundation

Where Unlimited Potential Can Grow and Thrive

C-15 Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3). Our goal is to offer individuals challenged by Chromosome 15 imperfections personal independence and an opportunity for a more fulfilling life.

Thanks to the vision and dedication of the foundation’s supporters, C-15 Foundation will create a nurturing, best-in-class, live, work, play, learn and research community that would provide a meaningful and purpose-driven life to those individuals challenged by Chromosome 15 imperfections.

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About PWS

Prader-Willi Syndrome

A genetic abnormality on chromosome 15 first identified Prader-Willi syndrome, a lifelong condition, in 1956 by Swiss doctors, A. Prader, H. Willi, and A. Labhart. Along with metabolism, growth and cognitive dysfunctions, additional challenges include hyperphagia (never feeling full) and behavioral issues, which require them to be constantly supervised.

C-15 Foundation’s vision is to create a fully-sustainable community that not only provides a place to live, but offers a true community and a chance for a better future for people who are challenged by PWS, as well as other Chromosome 15 disorders.

our Vision

Building a Better Place

for people with PWS

Following high school, most people living with PWS are left with only two options: to continue living with their parents or to move into a group home. Neither option is ideal. 

C-15 Foundation was formed to offer an alternative for the wonderful people living with PWS, as well as other C15 chromosome disorders, and their families. We will offer residents a community-based, structured environment filled with social obligations, activities and other responsibilities to give them a more purposeful and meaningful life. 


The world can be a better place for PWS people.
C-15 Foundation aims to help that vision become a reality.

The Community

Tour the Facility

Research & Medical Complex

Village Housing

Continuing Education Facility

On-Site Sustainable Farm

Activity Center

Secure Dining Hall

C15 Rendering1
C-15 Research and Medical Complex

In partnership with a major medical university, this first-of-its-kind facility will pursue a comprehensive understanding of various genetic defects on Chromosome 15.

On-site Sustainable Farm

The on-campus farm will provide continued learning and employment opportunities where residents will grow and harvest the same fruits and vegetables that will be served in the Dining Hall. Additionally, we hope to host a few farm animals including dogs and pigs, which will provide the residents something to care for and bring additional purpose to their daily lives.

Activity Center

Daily movement and exercises appropriate for individuals with low muscle tone are vital. The Activity Center will keep residents moving with a swimming pool, yoga room, walking track, and game room. With daily activity and calorie-burning goals, this requirement will contribute to overall healthier lifestyles for people with PWS.

Village Housing

C-15 Foundation plans to construct three, 8-unit apartment buildings connected to a common area with games and entertainment, providing community culture and a sense of belonging. Each private apartment will include a living area and individual bed and bathroom, giving residents a sense of home. These units will not include kitchens as all meals will be served in the secured Dining Facility.

Secure Dining Hall

All residents meals will be provided in the Dining Hall and will be portion-controlled and include many ingredients grown and harvested on-site. All meals will be natural and well-balanced following a low fat, low sugar, low carbohydrates, and high protein diet. This ultra-secure facility will help the residents understand that the dining room is only open for three planned meals daily and that food is not readily available on campus, the PWS mind can relax and thrive.

Continuing Education Facility

The C-15 Foundation aims to provide high school and continuing education to residents and other affected individuals for ten years post-high school. Meaningful daily courses will help to develop various skills beyond basic math and science which will help to develop a well-rounded individual with work and life skills.

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